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(file: pagina-arcobaleno-aziendale-en.pdf)Corporate

Arcobaleno pass.

The answer

to the mobility requirements

of companies

and their employees.

From January 1st, 2018 the contribution of Arcobaleno regional fare network (CTA) is also valid on 1st class and all desired zones

If a company decides to cover part of the cost of an Arcobaleno pass for a minimum of 5 of its employees, Arcobaleno regional fare network (CTA) will offer a further reduction. The corporate contribution must be at least 5% and the CTA offers a maximum discount of 15%. Starting from a 5% corporate discount, the CTA is able to offer an equivalent discount on annual passes purchased by employees of the same company, who therefore benefit from a 10% reduction.

How to sign up for the Arcobaleno corporate pass?
The company should express its interest via email at A consultant will then contact you
on a no-commitment basis to answer any questions or explain the signing-up procedure.

What else do you need to know?

  • The Arcobaleno corporate pass is an annual 1st or 2nd class pass. The company has the right to restrict its contributions to 2nd class passes only.
  • The contributions offered by the CTA apply to all desired zones. The company has the right to restrict its contribution to the zones included in the home-workhome route.
  • Employees who already have an Arcobaleno annual pass can sign up to the Arcobaleno corporate pass before their pass expires if they purchase a 1st class supplement and/or additional zones.
  • Contributions towards employee passes should not be considered as an integral part of their salary and should not be declared for tax purposes; furthermore no mention should be made on the salary certificate under letter “F”.
  • There will be no refunds for annual corporate passes in the event that, following to modification of the map zones, from the purchase of new pass results a lower number of zones being covered for the route (see Tariff CTA 651.17)
  • From 01/01/2020, Arcobaleno corporate passes will be loaded on SwissPass card.

For further information please download Arcobaleno corporate pass, Italian version

The Arcobaleno corporate pass is one of the options available to companies and their employees for developing sustainable mobility. The Regional Department and the Regional Transport Commissions have produced Corporate Mobility Guide with some interesting tips. For more information and to download the guide, please visit:à-aziendale.