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In viaggio

con la bici

General conditions

Every transport company establishes their own rules regarding the transport of bicycles. The transport of bicycles on some bus lines is not allowed ; in certain cases the offer is limited to certain periods of time or a previous reservation must be made. We therefore advise to check beforehand the possibility of the bicycle transport on the desired route.


For the travel with a bicycle within the area of the Fare Community Arcobaleno applies the reduced fare for bicycles (fare TIA 651.17). Only the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB/TILO) and PostBus (PAG) also accept the national tickets for the transport of bicycles (Velopass and 1-day travelcards). All details can be found in the fare T601.

In addition

  • • Please pay attention to the symbol on the side; it is shown on the official timetables of certain bus lines or as legend for single journeys

  • Bicycles must be loaded and unloaded from the vehicle independently.
  • For bus rides, the final decision for the bicycle transport lies with the bus driver
  • Further information in regards to the bicycle transport within the CTA can be found in the fare TIA 651.17
  • Below is a list with the general information. Furthermore, it can be useful to check the webpages of the correspondent transport companies or to contact them directly to obtain more detailed informations

Details on how it is allowd to thre transport of bicycles among the transport companies within the CTA

Transport company

Transport conditions

Additional information


Autolinea Mendrisiense SA (AMSA)

condizioni trasporto biciclette


Autolinee Bleniesi SA (ABL)

Trasporto con posto limitato, in servizio dal maggio a ottobre sulle linee
62.131 e 62.136

091 862 31 72
orario ufficiale

Prenotazione consigliata

Autolinee Regionali Luganesi SA (ARL)

Trasporto limitato regolamento ARL


AutoPostale Svizzera SA (PAG)

Condizioni generali

0840 852 852

Escluse le linee urbane di Bellinzona e alcune linee regionali

Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi SA
(FART Bus)

Trasporto limitato

091 756 04 00

Escluse le linee urbane e alcune linee regionali

Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi SA
(FART Treno)

Trasporto limitato

091 756 04 00

Solo treni regionali Locarno-Camedo, traffico internazionale non contemplato.

Ferrovie Federali Svizzere

Condizioni generali

0848 44 66 88

EC/ICN soggetti a limitazioni

Ferrovie Luganesi SA (FLP)

Condizioni generali

091 923 23 92


Società Navigazione del Lago di Lugano
(SNL linea 437 e 351)

Trasporto limitato. Gruppi annunciarsi


Società Navigazione del Lago di Lugano
(SNL bus)

Non è possibile il trasporto di biciclette


Trasporti Pubblici Luganesi SA (TPL)
Linee BUS

Condizioni generali

058 866 72 24/25


Trasporti Pubblici Luganesi SA (TPL)

Condizioni generali

058 866 72 24/25


Travel cards and tickets for national journeys

Generally, the tickets for bicycle for national transports (details) are exclusively valid on the following transport companies:
• PostBus

For the bicycle transport on all other transport companies, where the transport of bicycles is permitted, there must be purchased a reduced fare ticket for bicycles from Arcobaleno. Please do check with the responsible transport company before your travel.