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the right choice

for a journey

from Ticino and Lombardy

Cross-border tickets allow passengers to travel between Ticino and Lombardy on services operated by all the public transport companies that have signed up to Arcobaleno regional fare network (CTA) and on regional and suburban trains of Trenord. The range of tickets currently
available includes individual tickets (both “one way” and “roundtrip”) and monthly passes (adult fares only). For all other requirements you will need to purchase two separate tickets (CTA and Trenord respectively).

Cross-border tickets (sold by public transport companies within the CTA):

  • ADULT one-way tickets
  • HALF-FARE one-way tickets
  • YOUNG PEOPLE < 16 one-way tickets
  • ADULT roundtrip tickets
  • HALF-FARE roundtrip tickets
  • YOUNG PEOPLE (younger than 16) roundtrip tickets
    All tickets are available for 1st and 2nd class.

“One-way tickets" are valid for a certain number of hours, while "roundtrip tickets" correspond to the CTA 1-day travel card; within the expiry time of validity it is therefore possible to travel within the purchased Arcobaleno zones as with a standard CTA ticket.

Tickets and passes sold within the CTA are only issued in Swiss francs (CHF); tickets and passes sold by Trenord are only issued in euros (EUR).

Cross-border Tickets: prices (valid from June 1st, 2019)
The price shown is for adult 2nd class one-way tickets

Cross-border tickets and passes can be purchased either through the CTA sales channels or through Trenord sales channels.