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travel discounts


special arrangements

Children and young people

Accompanied children under the age of 6 can travel free without a ticket. Unaccompanied children and young people aged between 6 and 16 (not attained) pay half price, respectively the minimum price provided. Children under 4 years old are not allowed to travel without an accompanying person.


Soldiers can travel freely on all CTA routes when they are carrying their marching orders and are in uniform or have proof of their authorisation to travel in civilian clothing. Members of the Swiss army in uniform or with appropriate authorisation are entitled to single tickets within the CTA area, 1-day travelcards and multi-journey travelcards at a reduced fare. Army dogs are transported free of charge provided that they are registered on the marching orders.

Civil protection officers

Upon showing their civil protection ID card, civil protection officers are entitled to receive ordinary single or return tickets at a reduced price during their period of service.

Police officers on duty

Police officers in the cantonal and municipal police forces, as well as officers from the Swiss and foreign border police, can travel free of charge without a ticket while on duty. Uniformed police officers (when travelling alone or as a group) and police officers in civilian clothing (if two or more officers travel together) may travel in 1st or 2nd class without a ticket.

Dogs and small pets

In principle you must pay the reduced 2nd class fare for your dog. Small dogs up to 30 cm high at their shoulder blades, cats and small domestic pets can be transported free of charge as hand luggage provided they are in a carrier, basket or other suitable container.

Blind and partially sighted passenger ID card

The blind and partially sighted passenger ID card (issued by Unitas) entitles the holder and a companion to travel free of charge on urban lines in zones 100, 150, 200 and 300. Passengers with disabilities may also travel unaccompanied.

Disabled passengers

Only passengers with a disabled passenger ID card are considered as disabled:

  • Disabled passengers must be accompanied at all times and are therefore authorised to travel with a companion and/or guide dog for the blind.
  • The disabled passenger or their travel companion must carry a valid ticket.


Arcobaleno tickets and passes entitle the holder to travel in the purchased class within the zones covered by the ticket. Transport companies endeavour to offer all passengers a seat, but this cannot be guaranteed. Buses and trains, particularly those operating on a regional level, are also permitted to transport standing passengers. A lack of free seats in 2nd class does not entitle 2nd class ticket holders to travel in 1st class without purchasing or stamping the relative class-upgrade ticket before boarding the train.