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Travelling outside the CTA

An Arcobaleno ticket or pass holder wishing to travel outside the CTA must combine their ticket/pass with an onward ticket from the last stop of the valid ticket/pass zone until their destination.

Example: the holder of an Arcobaleno pass for all zones wishes to travel from Lugano to Zurich: if the train does not stop between Bellinzona and the CTA border, the holder will need to purchase a ticket from Bellinzona to Zurich.

For further information please contact the ticket counters.

Other travelcards accepted by the CTA

Junior travelcard
With the Junior travelcard children and young people aged 6 to 16 (not attained) can use public transport across Switzerland for CHF 30.- per year when accompanied by a parent with a valid ticket.

Children’s Co-travelcard
With the Children’s Co-travelcard children and young people aged 6 to 16 (not attained) can use public tranport accross Switzerland for CHF 30.- per year when accompanied by a passenger with a valid ticket. The Children's Co-travelcard is available for all travel companions (grandparents, godparents, neighbours, aunts and uncles, childminders, friends and relatives, etc.) over the age of 16. The child and travel companion are named on the card.

The GA travelcard
With the GA travelcard you are allowed to travel freely thoughout the area covered by the CTA transport companies and on SNL boats. The pass does not cover FLMS (Ferrovia Locarno Madonna del Sasso) services.

Half-fare travelcard
The Half-fare Travelcard allows you to purchase discounted tickets nationally and throughout the CTA district (passes excluded).

Half-fare young people's travelcard
The money-saving half-fare travelcard for young people aged 16-25 allows holders to purchase discounted tickets nationally and throughout the CTA district (passes excluded).

A pass for children and young people up to the age of 25 years old, valid from 7 p.m. until closing time (05.a.m.). Like the general pass (GA), depending on the route, it permits free or half-price travel within the general pass (GA) area of validity.

Other tickets and passes
National and international tickets and passes such as the Eurailpass, the Swisspass, the City Ticket, the City-City Ticket, etc. are also valid for journeys within the CTA, in accordance with their respective areas of validity.

From Ticino with a single ticket
You can buy tickets to various destinations across Switzerland (e.g. City Tickets, 1-day travelcards) from AutoPostale, FART, FFS and TPL ticket counters, but not on public transport vehicle. Further information can be fount at the following link.


Single tickets and 1-day travelcards cannot be refunded except for the case in which the refund's request is made within the validity trip and if a journey was not possible between the sale and the refund's request. Weekly passes cannot be refunded. Unused or partially used monthly passes, annual passes, group tickets, multi-day travelcards and multi-journey travelcards may be refunded under certain conditions. For further information and refund requests, please contact the ticket counters.


The supplements required for certain forms of transport must also be paid by Arcobaleno ticket or pass holders.

Public transport and golden age

Drivers who voluntarily hand back their driving licence will receive a CHF 300.– voucher to put towards an Arcobaleno annual pass for two or more zones, valid for the first year. They will also receive a voucher allowing them to choose between the following offers, also during the first year:
• Two-month trial half-fare pass for the price of CHF 33.-.
• CHF 200.– discount off the price of a one-year 2nd class general pass (GA).
• CHF 250.– discount off the price of a one-year 1st class general pass (GA).

Class Upgrade

To travel in 1st class with a 2nd class ticket or pass you must have a class upgrade ticket (or multi-class upgrade ticket). When ticket checks are carried out the two tickets must be presented together. The following terms are also applicable:

  • 1-day travelcard and multi-day travelcard: you can upgrade to first class on single journeys only
  • Multi-journey travelcards: you must pay the supplement for each individual zone you travel through when you make single journeys in 1st class with a 2nd class ticket
  • Arcobaleno pass: if used in 1st class for individual journeys with a 2nd class pass, the holder must purchase a class upgrade ticket, paying a supplement equal to the difference between 1st class and the 2nd class fare for the corresponding zones

For any routes that do not offer 1st class, the 1st class ticket is also valid for 2nd class travel (without any right to refund).