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All for one

with Arcobaleno.

All Arcobaleno tickets and passes are accepted by the following transport companies:

Autolinee Bleniesi (ABL)

Autolinea Mendrisiense (AMSA)

Autolinee Regionali Luganesi (ARL)

AutoPostale Svizzera SA - Regione Ticino

Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi (FART), ferrovia Centovalli solo percorso Locarno-Camedo

Ferrovie Federali Svizzere (FFS)

Ferrovie Federali Svizzere (TILO)

Ferrovie Luganesi (FLP)

Trasporti Pubblici Luganesi (TPL)

ASF Autolinee s.r.l. accepts Arcobaleno passes for the Lugano-Gandria route on the Lugano-Menaggio line.


The Locarno - Madonna del Sasso Funicular Railway (FLMS) accepts monthly and annual passes

Please also note that:

The Navigation Company of Lake Lugano (SNL) offers a discount on its boat to Arcobaleno passes holders.