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In order to travel using the Comunità tariffale Arcobaleno (CTA) you need to purchase an Arcobaleno ticket or pass that is valid for the zones between your departure and destination points (included).

The sales staff at the ticket counters and the ticket machines will guide you through the process of purchasing a ticket or pass: zones and prices are calculated automatically by defining your departure and arrival points.

There are three different panls of the Arcobaleno's zones:

  • Ticket's paln zones
  • Passes's plan zones
  • Combined's plan zones
  • Prices

there are 49 ticket zones, each one with three figures and a different coloured background.

there are 16 pass zones, each one with two figures and defined by the white line.

Locations on the border of zones

If a journey starts or finishes at a stop located on the border of a zone, a ticket or pass must be purchased for the zone that is travelled through.

Example: if you are travelling from Cugnasco to Locarno, you have to purchase zones 310 and 300 (ticket) or zones 31 and 30 (pass). If you are travelling from Cugnasco to Bellinzona, you have to purchase zones 210 and 200 (ticket) or zones 21 and 20 (pass).

The ticket machine automatically calculates the zones that need to be purchased based on the indicated departure and arrival points.

Ticket's plan zones
Passes's plan zones
Combined's plan zones
Prices 2019