An Arcobaleno ticket is the ideal solution for all those who travel in Ticino and the Moesano region, for moving around within specific zones using different modes of transport.


The integrated fare is now applied to Arcobaleno tickets too. The range includes single tickets as well as multiple-journey tickets and Multiple Day Passes, which save you time and money.

The tickets are differentiated by full price and reduced price. The reduced price applies for children from 6 years (from their 6th birthday) up to their 16th birthday, for holders of an SBB Half Fare Travelcard and for pets. 

Zone and time system

To make it easier to use public transport, the Arcobaleno integrated fare network utilises a zone and time system. This means that all modes of transport such as buses, trains, boats and funiculars can be used within the selected zones and validity period of the ticket. There are no time restrictions for weekly, monthly and annual travelcards.

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Useful documents

Ape card

Ape card

The Ape Card is a means of payment for purchasing all Arcobaleno tickets. It can be used as a multiple-journey ticket, Multiple Day Pass and multiple class upgrade. Using the Ape Card, tickets can be paid for without using cash or a credit card at Arcobaleno ticket machines as well as on buses that take payment on board. A saving of up to 14% can be made thanks to a bonus amount credit when loading or topping up the card. 

Other useful information
  • Minimum top-up amount at ticket machines and on the bus: CHF 5
  • Minimum amount for the bonus credit: CHF 20
  • Maximum top-up amount: CHF 500 (including bonus credit). 
  • Initial loading and topping up via cash payment or with a standard debit or credit card.
  • The amount loaded onto an Ape Card does not entitle you to purchase another Ape Card. 
  • The Ape Card cannot be purchased from or validated by SBB and Postbus Switzerland (Grisons region), nor can it be used as a means of payment for these services.
  • The Ape Card cannot be used to purchase Arcobaleno travelcards and tickets for destinations outside Ticino and the Moesano region. 



The SwissPass heralds a new era of travel on public transport. Not only different tickets, but also a variety of services such as, ski passes, PubliBike and leisure offers, can be loaded onto a single card. With the SwissPass, holders of annual or monthly travelcards can receive notifications regarding their expiry. Those holding a company travelcard should contact the human resources department at their firm to renew their travelcard.  


Arcobaleno on the SwissPass

Since the end of 2018, Arcobaleno travelcards have been loaded onto the SwissPass in stages. 

Since 1 January 2020, the following Arcobaleno travelcards have been loaded onto the SwissPass:

  • Arcobaleno annual travelcard for adults; 
  • Arcobaleno annual travelcard for young persons;
  • Arcobaleno monthly travelcard for adults; 
  • Arcobaleno monthly travelcard for young persons; 
  • Company travelcard; 
  • Appresfondo annual travelcard; 
  • DECS annual travelcard. 

New: from 3 August 2020, cross-border travelcards are available on the SwissPass.

At the counter

The Arcobaleno travelcard on the SwissPass can be purchased at the points of sale of transport companies that participate in the Arcobaleno integrated fare network. 

Cross-border monthly and annual travelcards from Arcobaleno, and the monthly travelcards from Arcobaleno on the SwissPass, can only be purchased at the following points of sale: 

  • FART: La Biglietteria, Piazza Stazione, 6600 Locarno-Muralto; 
  • TPL: Lugano Centro stop, Corso Pestalozzi, 6900 Lugano; 
  • SBB: at Biasca, Bellinzona, Locarno, Lugano, Mendrisio and Chiasso stations; 
  • PostBus: advice and sales, Via S. Balestra 4, 6900 Lugano. 

Arcobaleno annual and monthly travelcards can also be purchased or renewed online

● SBB 
Holders of Rail Checks and recipients of subsidies from their municipalities are kindly requested to go to a point of sale to purchase and/or renew their Arcobaleno travelcards on the SwissPass.

By telephone

You can also purchase tickets by telephone: 

  • PostBus advice and sales: 0840 852 852
  • SBB Contact Center, advice and sales, 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min., 24 hours a day); payment by credit card.